The method of simplifying a recipe began from having tasted the best foods in the finest dinner houses for 20-plus years. The only kitchens I had become accustomed to. . . had a crew.

After coming off the road and out of show-business with one child and one on the way, we settled down. We bought a two-bedroom Cape Cod with living-room, bath and also a kitchen because it came with the house. As a gift, I was given a cookbook. That was like receiving a copy of Einstein’s Theory… However, in time, I did appreciate that book.

By applying tips and recipes I’d collected from the chef through the years, with recipes in the cookbook, it was clear that chefs use more butter, this makes their food tastier. They use “stock” (I use soup base). A chef wastes very little, (well… I can’t go there.) As for eliminating butter when you cook because of ‘fat’ content? Cook the food, cool it in the fridge, then lift off the fat. The butter flavor remains.

Chefs use a ‘rub’ to season meat for hours, they use a ‘brine’ mix; and their own creation of seasonings. Very few of us have this ability without the training of a chef. Therefore, use what is available; ready-mixed seasonings. Soup base, Taco or Fajita mixes have been developed by highly trained chefs, nutritionists, and genetic engineers. Try sprinkling 1 or 2 tablespoons of Bearnaise Sauce Mix powder on hot, buttered salmon or try Pesto Sauce Mix powder on hot, buttered broccoli or in a cream sauce over roasted potatoes; the change is amazing!