About the Author

Born in Louisville, KY, JoCleta Wilson began dance at the age of 10. She studied each weekend in Cincinnati at Harris Rosedale’s School of Dance; and in Louisville on weekdays from Beverly Adams, former Rockette of Radio City Music Hall. She joined the June Taylor Dance Troupe at the age of 18; married into 9 generations of show business and traveled North America, South America, and Mexico dancing in theatres, supper clubs, and hotel chains. While working in the finest dinner houses, she became friends with many talented chefs who shared easy recipes and tips for her collection. JoCleta settled in Louisville where she became Owner/Director of Louisville Dance Academy Inc. for 37 years, during which time she raised 4 children. Now widowed and living in Louisville with her menagerie of dogs, JoCleta spends her family time cooking, and her spare time singing and dancing in the Young Hearts Theatre Group.