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On the Road as an entertainer for 20 years, the author performed in dinner houses, supper clubs, and theatres. Her contracts included dinner, and many chefs became her friends. She has simplified the chef’s recipes and tips, turning ordinary entrées into something easy and special.

Easy recipes such as Cherry Crème Parfait, Crème de Cacao Cake, Steak and Peppers, Fish in Vermouth, Chef’s Taco Casserole, Green Beans and Cashews, Smoked Ham ‘n Cabbage, Stuffed Zucchini, Pork and Apples, Deep Fried Oysters, KY Burgoo with Bourbon,

The perfect gift for Brides – Bachelors – Dorm Dwellers – Single Moms – Single Dads – Elderly – Latchkey Teens – Busy Homemakers.     98% of entrées can be frozen.  Get yours today!